SKEP ARTS – promoting adventurous cultural events in Cranbrook, Tenterden and the Kentish Marsh area. Music, film, poetry and theatre will be smuggled in. Local culture will be promoted and amplified to the wider world.

On the horizon

Ploughing the Salt Sea

by Bev Lee Harling
at Smallhythe Place

Recent events…


VINYL DUST UP at ‘The Watch’
Reggae and Ska on vinyl at Nightingale’s Tap Room More…


At the heart of Skep Arts is The Skep itself. A meeting place. A timber frame and Kent peg roof under which to plan and celebrate local arts and global culture. A humble barn with a ramshackle stage and welcoming wood burner that provides Skep Arts a spot to devise, plot and occasionally host artistic endeavours: music, theatre, film and spoken word.

Poet and songwriter Pete Green

Calvin Johnson

Washington songwriter, music producer and owner of the influential indie label K Records playing at our Words & Music at The Skep 2020.

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Stephanie Burt

Literary critic, poet and Professor of English at Harvard University recites at The Skep.